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Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Year End Appeal 2017

Money Raised: $48,431.70  Campaign Goal: $40,000.00

Join your community in supporting RISE: Your support helps lift up survivors—our friends, neighbors, and loved ones in San Luis Obispo County—and ensures their access to robust services like counseling, 24-hour support line, legal services, and emergency shelter.

Please donate now, as your donation will be doubled thanks to $10,000 in matching funds from longtime supporters Lance and Nina Holt. RISE Up and lift up survivors and their stories. Together we can create a world free of sexual and intimate partner violence.

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Heidi Spencer

  Raised: $292.50
  Goal: $500.00

Veona's First Fundraiser for RISE

  Raised: $195.00
  Goal: $500.00

Allie Patton

  Raised: $180.00
  Goal: $500.00

Jennifer MacMartin

  Raised: $150.00
  Goal: $500.00

Brandon Covarrubias' Fundraising Page

  Raised: $110.00
  Goal: $500.00

Mariko's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $100.00
  Goal: $500.00

Sebonay Baray

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $500.00

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